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favorite quote of the week

  • More quotes, 14 inspiring women and the brilliant things they said. 
  • Such a great post about the one word that should never follow, "I love you". 
  • Last week I shared 23 intriguing perspectives from some of the world's most famous places, this week it's views from above
  • You've probably seen this (it was all over the web last week), but the April Fools' joke these students played on their professor was brilliant! 
  • I won't name names but one of my children is being especially difficult right now - so much whining! If you are also experiencing some parenting blues here are 8 mantras to help you get through the tough times. 
  • A little obvious, but another way to make getting through the day with the kids easier - put down the phone! You and the kids will be happier. 


  1. I'll have to check out that cleaning one! I always like to read cleaning tips (doing them is another story though)! And yes, Target has such cute stuff!

    1. I thought some the the cleaning ideas were pretty brilliant; lots of things I'd never heard of before. I'm always amazed at the stuff I run across at Target, surprisingly, their stuff holds up pretty well too!


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