Bunny Bookmarks

Several years back, while planning activities for an after-school program, I stumbled upon the  brilliant idea of turning the corner of envelopes in to monster bookmarks. This was way before Pinterest and I unfortunately do not remember the the name of book were I first saw the idea. 

Big Buddy has just started asking for stuff to help him keep his place in books, so I knew this was a craft he'd enjoy making. With Easter so close, though, I decided to have them make bunnies instead of monsters. 

Our Supplies: yarn/string, googly eyes, small foam pieces, pink and white card-stock, white glue, scissors, envelope, and markers/pencils

Step 1: cut off corner of envelope. 

Step 2: cut out ears from pink and white card-stock. Since my children are still young I drew the ears for them.

Step 3: glue smaller pink ears on to white ears.

Step 4: glue bottom of ears to back of the envelope corner. 

Step 5: cut four even piece of string and crisscross them on  bottom of the envelope corner for the bunnies whiskers

Step 6: put a small dap of glue on crisscross whiskers and cover with a foam square. If you don't have foam squares card-stock would also work. 

Step 7: use glue to adhere goggly eyes.

Step 8: use markers/pencils to add a mouth, teeth, or cheeks.

Step 9: let everything dry and then stick your new bookmarks into your current reads. 

books we are currently enjoying:  The Velveteen Rabbit and The Borrowers

One of my favorite things about this craft is that the envelope corner is the the only necessary item.  With a few supply changes and a bit of creativity you could create all sorts of animals/creatures. The mom, of the girl I babysit for, also pointed out to me that these work great as finger puppets. 

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  1. So cute! Pinned it so I remember to make them!

  2. SOOOO adorable! My daughter as a bunny obsession. I can't wait to show this to her!


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